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View the questions below to find of the frequently asked questions about PrimaCare Direct.

General Information FAQ's

PrimaCare Direct is a health membership with limitless doctor access that is unlike anything else offered in the area.


No, PrimaCare Direct is not health insurance, but it is meant to be paired with a high deductible catastrophic insurance plan.


Do you currently have a high deductible insurance plan? Can you switch to a high deductible insurance plan? Do you see a doctor more than once per year? Does your current insurance cover less and less each year? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then PrimaCare Direct may be right for you.


Pricing & Coverage FAQ's

The cost is $75 per member. If a family has more than four members, each additional immediate family member will receive a complimentary membership. The mandatory 2% MNCare state tax is included in your membership fee.


Yes, PrimaCare Direct’s monthly fee is typically less expensive than conventional medical insurance. Also, PrimaCare Direct does not have any deductibles or copays allowing you to see your doctor as many times as needed for no extra money.


Primary and preventative care, wellness care, chronic disease care, specialty care coordination and office procedures are all included in your membership.


We have numerous clinic locations throughout the state of Minnesota. Click here to view our clinics and providers or call 612-444-6600 to speak to a representative about finding the clinic nearest to you.


Unfortunately, no. Not all of our clinics will offer you the same benefits. If you have a specific service or need, please call 612-444-6600 and we will help you find a clinic that matches your individual needs.


Yes, you will be able to see the doctor of your choice and can switch doctors at any time. Your primary physician can be from any of PrimaCare’s clinic locations.


You are able to see your doctor as many times as you need each month. There are no restrictions for the number of doctor visits and the monthly cost is the same.


No, trips to the hospital are not included with your membership. Federal law requires that you carry a major medical policy to cover the cost of any needed hospital expenses.


No, PrimaCare Direct does not offer prescription drug coverage. Prescription drug coverage is usually included with a major medical plan and coverage normally begins before reaching your deductible. You can also take out a separate prescription drug policy, if needed.


Membership & Cancellation FAQ's

Click here to enroll online or call 612-444-6600 and we will schedule a time for you to enroll.


No one should ever have to think about their healthcare coverage, their deductible or insurance costs as they decide whether or not to go to the doctor. PrimaCare Direct offers you the peace of mind that for a low monthly fee you are able to have unlimited access to your doctor for no additional fees. Primary care and preventative care are the key to keeping you healthy and out of the hospital and PrimaCare Direct’s access to your doctor will help you achieve those goals.


We will automatically charge your monthly membership fee to the credit card or bank account you have on file on our secure server.


The contract is for one year and will be automatically renewed annually.


Yes, if you no longer wish to be enrolled or you move and can no longer keep your membership, you must provide written notice of cancellation 60 days prior to the date you want to stop receiving services.


Enrollment & Insurance FAQ's

PrimaCare Direct is open to everyone.


Yes, you will need a major medical policy to pair with your membership. PrimaCare Direct covers primary and preventative care, but it will not cover hospital or specialty care. A major medical policy will be needed for that type of coverage. PrimaCare Direct is not health insurance.


No, we will never bill your insurance or Medicare for covered primary care services. Your monthly fee covers all charges for included services.


Yes, PrimaCare Direct will meet the requirements for required insurance coverage under The Affordable Care Act when paired with a high deductible health care plan. Call 612-444-6600 for more information.


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