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Businesses often see an increase in yearly insurance premiums, due to employees skipping routine primary care. PrimaCare Direct offers you a solution. PrimaCare Direct is a health membership for primary care. Our $75 monthly membership fee typically costs less than your employees monthly cell phone bill. Membership gives employees and dependents unlimited primary care access for no additional cost. Unlimited primary care access will improve the overall health of your employees and save your business money.

PrimaCare Direct is a cooperative of clinics in Minnesota that want to lower the cost of healthcare to the patient, while focusing on providing exceptional care, centered around wellness. Traditional health insurance programs discourage doctor visits by adding extra costs to each visit (copays) or even accessing insurance altogether (deductibles.) PrimaCare Direct encourages patients to visit their physician regularly to achieve good health outcomes.

PrimaCare Direct covers 90% of medical needs, but it will not cover 100% of medical needs. A major medical plan is needed for the other 10% of healthcare, hospital and specialty care. When you pair PrimaCare Direct with a major medical plan, it meets the Federal requirements of the ACA.




How much does it cost?

Cost for each employee or dependent:
$75 per month
Our pricing structure is simple and affordable, with no copays, deductibles or surprise bills.



Included Services

Wellness Care: preventative visits and screenings such as physicals, cancer screenings, nutritional counseling and personal coaching. Acute Care: treatment of urgent medical issues including earaches, cuts requiring stitches, fractures, infections, respiratory illnesses and other aches and pains. Chronic Disease Care: management any chronic conditions, such as hypertension, asthma, diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, and hyperlipidemia. Office Procedures and Supplies: in-office procedures such as mole removals, skin biopsies, wound care, seasonal flu vaccine and EKG’s. Crutches, splits and braces, are also loaned out with your membership.



  • Health coverage is one of the top determining factors for employees who are considering a position with a new company.
  • Replacing employees can be costly. Studies show that companies with excellent health packages keep employees longer.
  • Employees with excellent benefit packages traditionally outperform employees with mediocre benefits.
  • Businesses often see an increase in health insurance premium seach year due to employees skipping routine primary care.
  • At $75 per employee, PrimaCare Direct typically costs less than your employees cell phone bill.
  • By creating a healthier group of employees, businesses save money in the long run.
  • There are never any copays, deductibles or surprise bills that employees and their families must pay out of pocket.
  • When paired with a major medical plan, PrimaCare Direct meets the requirements of the Affordable Care Act.


How do I know if PrimaCare Direct will be a good fit for my business and employees?

Do you currently offer a high deductible insurance plan? Can you switch to a high deductible insurance plan? Do you find it difficult to offer affordable insurance plans with great coverage? Are your employees asking for more coverage? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then PrimaCare Direct may be right for your company.

How much does it cost for each employee to enroll in the PrimaCare Direct program?

The cost of the program is $75 per month for each employee or dependent. The mandatory 2% MNCare state tax is included in this price.

Do all my employees need to enroll or can just a select group enroll?

All of your employees must enroll. If you wish to offer the program as an option to employees to enroll on their own, each employee will be on their own contract and will pay $75 per month. In that case, the employee will enroll directly with PrimaCare, not through you, the employer.

Can non-employee dependents be added to the plan at the $75 per month rate?

Yes, employees family members, dependents or partners can be added for $75 per month.

Should I keep the current major medical insurance plan that I am offering to employees?

Yes! We encourage you to keep offering major medical insurance. PrimaCare Direct covers routine care, but not emergency care. The high deductible major insurance plans are a safety net for any major medical emergency that could arise.

Why should I join?

One of the most important factors that people look at when choosing a job is the health benefit package. Employees look for their employer to offer affordable, quality health care coverage. PrimaCare Direct offers you the chance to give your current and future employees what they want. For a monthly fee that is less than an average cell phone bill, you can offer your employees and their families unlimited access to their doctor with no deductibles and no co-pays. PrimaCare Direct will keep your employees both healthy and happy.

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