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Coverage created by doctors

Traditional health insurance programs discourage regular visits to the doctor by adding extra cost to each visit (copays) and even accessing insurance altogether (deductibles). Patients often wait until the last minute to see their doctor, which often leads to worsening symptoms and a higher cost of treatment. While there are many government policies and insurance companies all working to find an answer to healthcare, we feel that the simple solutions are always the best solutions.

PrimaCare Direct is the brainchild of a group of physician in Minnesota that want to lower the cost of healthcare to the patient and increase routine primary care visits. Many years ago, health insurance covered only catastrophic healthcare and patients would pay their primary care doctors directly for the routine care they received (90% of all healthcare). PrimaCare Direct is bringing back that model. Members pay low, monthly fee directly to their clinic for limitless primary care coverage and the clinics do the bill insurance.

PrimaCare Direct focuses on the relationship between the primary care doctor and a patient, where 90% of all healthcare needs are met, for one low monthly fee of $75.

Affordable healthcare, focused on wellness

PrimaCare Direct is a cooperative of clinics in Minnesota that want to lower the cost of healthcare to the patient, while focusing on providing exceptional care centered on wellness. There clinics take providing superior healthcare seriously and believe that good health starts with primary care. The physicians work directly with their patients on proactive medical planning and offer tools to keep them healthy and happy for life, rather than simply being there for "fixes".

PrimaCare Direct encourages patients to visit their physician regularly and build a working relationship to achieve good health outcomes. This is a whole new way to think about healthcare coverage - where each patient has a primary care doctor, focused specifically on their wellness for one affordable, monthly fee.