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Why Should I Join?

Our pricing is simple and affordable.
There are never any deductibles, copays or surprise bills.



Families 2-4


Families 5+



What is Included?

Preventantive Services

Complete physicals
Sports and school physicals
Medicine therapy managment
Well child checks

Lab Services

Lipid Profile (choresterol testing)
PSA testing
A1C (diabetic test)
TSH (thyroid test)
INR/Protime (blood clotting test)
Liver function testing
Hemogram (complete blood count)
Throat cultures
Basic Metabolic Panel
Creatinine (kidney function test)

Office Visits

Upper respiratory infections (URI)
Sore throat
Sinus Infection
Ear infection
Urinary tract infection (UTI)
Strep throat
Pink eye
Mononucleosis (mono)
Chicken Pox
Cold sores
Poison Ivy
Wart treatment
Eczema/dry skin
Athletes foot
Uncomplicated laceration repair

Complete List of Covered Services

Do I need major medical?

Yes. PrimaCare Direct covers the majority of routine medical care, but it will not cover all medical needs. The chart below shows examples of plan usage.

PrimaCare Direct

Major Medical Plan

Yearly physical

Cancer treatment

Pediatric office visits

Surgery to reset a bone after a major break

Strep throat culture

Severe illness in the night requiring the ER

Asthma education & testing

Severe asthma attack requiring the ER

Basic wound care

Skin cancer treatment

Pap smear & annual woman's well exam


Cholesterol screening

Heart attack